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The EKG Patch Solution

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The EKG Patch Solution

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The EKG Patch Solution from MG Medical Products is an easy-to-use, diagnostic 12-lead EKG system kept on-site and available for use by staff 24/7. It consists of the EKG Patch, HD+ bluetooth-enabled transmitter and cable, Android tablet with TouchECG application in a portable, lightweight laptop bag. 


The closed-loop EKG Patch Solution features the novel EKG Patch, a pre-positioned electrode patch that allows for quick, consistent, and accurate application of electrodes every time. The EKG Patch is easy to apply, and its self-contained design eliminates lead placement errors and gives a consistent comparison for follow up EKG testing.


Acquiring an EKG using the EKG Patch Solution takes less than five minutes and can be performed by various resources with limited technical skills.
The EKG Patch Solution uses an AI technology and Glasgow interpretative software to provide an Unconfirmed EKG reading immediately, allowing staff to triage the patient and help determine whether they are having an acute cardiac event. The EKG Patch Solution can easily be implemented into a facility standard of care system for routine and acute EKG testing needs.


If requested, EKG tracings can be sent to a bank of off-site Cardiologists to provide Confirmed EKG readings and reduce risk concern to the facility.

“The EKG Patch Solution has been a great addition to our center. Its rapid results have helped us prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions and keep our patients in the center for care. The innovative EKG system has also improved the ease of routine EKG testing. The EKG Patch Solution is easy-to-use and has improved the patient experience and empowered our staff to give best-in-class care.”

- Administrator, Genesis HealthCare Building

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