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The EKG Patch 

EKG Patch. Updated Image.png

The closed-loop EKG Patch Solution features the novel EKG Patch, a pre-positioned electrode patch that allows for quick, consistent, and accurate application of electrodes every time. 

• Patented, prepositioned EKG Electrode Patch

• Accurate and consistent electrode placement every time

• Easy to apply with minimal technical experience needed

• Can be applied to a patient in minutes

• Available in 2 sizes (M&L) with low adhesive but high conductivity

• Single-patient use to prevent cross-contamination

What Makes the EKG Patch Different?

Pre-positioned electrodes standardized application and prevent lead-wire reversals and placement errors.
Emergency Vehicles
Can be applied in minutes to acquire an EKG and allow in-house triage instead of unnecessary emergency transport.
Home Nurse Making Bed
No technical experience required! It can be applied by anyone, anywhere, anytime with minimal training. 
Sanitizing Products
Disposable, single-patient use design helps prevent cross-contamination and decreases prep time.
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