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What is the EKG Patch?

The EKG Patch is an innovative FDA cleared component that allows 12 lead EKG’s to be administered and interpreted by a team of cardiologists from anywhere at any time.

What is the other component to the Patch?

After a Patch is placed on a patient a cable connects it to the Spaulding Electrocardiograph. This device is designed to enable acquisition of a diagnostic 12-lead ECG’s allowing for a consistently accurate interpretation. This advanced technology brings you the most efficient and affordable product on the market.

Is the EKG Patch easy to use?

Yes. Using the EKG Patch is easy and fast. We can train your staff in minutes. Built in lead wires attached to pre-positioned electrodes ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal.

Who can use the EKG Patch?

The EKG Patch can be administered by anyone and immediately interpreted by Glasgow Algorithm eliminating the need for specially trained staff or technicians.

How is the EKG tracing delivered?

The EKG tracings are submitted instantly via secure cloud to the requesting providers and/or our board-certified team of cardiologists for further evaluation.

Can I reposition the Patch after it is placed?

Yes. The adhesive material will continue to work.

The Patch is difficult to remove. What should I do?

Press down on all the electrodes, which will release a fluid that breaks down the adhesive. If the patient’s skin is very fragile, place your fingers between the Patch and the skin and slowly, slide your fingers under the electrodes. If the Patch has been on the patient for an extended period, you may need to dab the edges of the Patch with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to ensure patient comfort.

How long can a Patch stay on a patient?

The Patch can remain on a patient for a few hours. But we advise removing it after you have gotten an accurate read. This should only be a matter of minutes. If monitoring is being done, the Patch can remain on for as long as needed. There is no discomfort to the patient.

Can I reuse the Patch on another patient?

The Patch is a single use disposable product designed to prevent cross contamination. Simply throw the used Patch away.

Can I do multiple EKG’s once the Patch is positioned?

Yes. The Patch and Spaulding Device can take as many EKG’s as you require.

I can’t see all the leads on the tablet.

Make sure all the leads are contacting the patient’s skin. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, remove the cable and connect it again. Make sure you hear/feel the ‘click.’

Do I need an over read on “normal” EKG’s?

This depends on your protocol, we can assist with this.

How long can I trace an EKG with the Spaulding at full charge?

An ongoing ECG tracing can be performed as long as the Spaulding Device battery has power. The Spaulding webECG can capture either 10- second or 5-minute ECG’s.

How long will the Spaulding Device stay charged?

2-4 hours of continuous use and up to 48 hours of standby time. We recommend the Spaulding Device be plugged into a power source when not in use.

How long does it take to charge the Spaulding Device from zero to full power?

Approximately 1 hour.

Is the tablet to be used exclusively with the EKG Patch and Spaulding Device?

Yes. We advise using the tablet exclusively with the EKG Solution.

Do you have training videos?

Yes. Our website has all the training videos needed. In addition, videos can be put on your tablet.

Do you have competency forms to help with employee training?

Yes. They are available on our website. These can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Who do we call if we have support or technical issues?

Reach support by phone 24/7 at 888-607-7871. If your issue is not urgent you can email us at clientservices@spauldingclinical.com.

How can my facility get the EKG Patch?

Easy! Simply click on the products tab to order both the EKG Patch and the Spaulding Device. Or email us at info@mgmedpro.com and we will be happy to assist you with ordering and training.