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With the portable, disposable EKG Patch, healthcare professionals can quickly and efficiently administer EKG’s to patients experiencing cardiac events while reducing risks of cross contamination.  The four-minute result time gives doctors and patients immediate critical information.  Better patient outcomes are our EKG solution goal.

Nursing Facilities

Our EKG Solution reduces costs by lowering hospital readmission rates.  No false positive readings resulting in sending patients unnecessarily to hospitals. Your facility will have state of the art technology enhancing your competitiveness while managing regulatory pressures.


First responders many times have only minutes to evaluate and administer care.  EKG readings are quickly and easily transferred to the ER ensuring prompt, appropriate care which saves lives.

Home Healthcare

Bringing comprehensive healthcare to patients with location and/or transportation challenges has just gotten easier.  The EKG Patch Solution sends critical heart health information to doctors in no time without taking the patient out of their home. 

Surgery Centers

Pre-op testing in minutes prior to surgery adds to better overall care and better surgical outcome.  Also, monitoring of patients becomes a simple process as the Patch can be kept on a patient for an extended period with no adverse effects.

Clinical Research

EKG Patch provides fast, reproducible, standardized EKG results. EKGs can be done anywhere to support on-going research, including home. No error in lead placement and marked reduction in artifact that may hinder accurate clinical results.

Departments of Rehabilitation and Correction

EKG Patch Solution can give your Team a fast reliable standardized 12 lead EKG results to help mitigate unnecessary expensive transfers to hospitals or health care providers . Training is minimum and system is portable weighing less than 2 lbs.