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Advancing Healthcare with Commitment

MG Medical Products is a company dedicated to the transformation of the 12 lead EKG procedure.  Our FDA cleared EKG Patch Solution gives tracings in minutes anywhere, anytime.  No expensive equipment, no cross contamination, no extensive training and no time wasted waiting for results.

With easy, fast, accurate testing and assessment, we give you the competitive edge in healthcare.

The EKG Patch is a component of a solution that records EKG tracings and submits the reports instantly to your cardiologist or our team of cardiologists for interpretation. Our device has self-contained electrodes in a disposable “patch” that allows for expedient application of the cardiac electrodes and eliminates lead inversion.  After application of the Patch, care givers will receive an immediate interpretation in under four minutes. It’s FDA cleared and patented design is transforming and improving the EKG procedure worldwide.  The innovative Patch saves time, money and most importantly, lives.

EKG Patch

Benefits of using the Patch:

  • Easy Application – “peel-and-stick”
  • Single Cable Connection
  • Minimal Application Training
  • All-in-one Design that has the electrodes self-contained
  • Immediate Results: EKG Interpretation within minutes from any setting
  • ECG Tracing Delivered/Sent Anywhere
  • FDA Cleared Type II Device
  • Improved Triage
  • Can Remain in place for Multiple Readings

As healthcare systems are constantly challenged by higher costs, the affordable EKG Patch eliminates false positive reads which reduces costs to hospitals, long term facilities and patients.

With easy application and consistent accuracy the EKG Patch is moving cardiac care to a new and unprecedented level of excellence.