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The EKG Patch is an innovative FDA cleared Medical Device that allows 12 lead EKGs to be administered and interpreted by a team of Cardiologists anywhere at anytime without the need of special training or technicians.  The ability to have an EKG administered and interpreted within minutes rather than hours is a huge game changer.

Traditional EKGs can be a challenge. False positive rates are much higher than necessary which leads to unwanted costs to both patients and the entire healthcare system. Now there’s a better, faster, more accurate and yes, simpler way…

In case studies, the EKG Patch has a zero false positive rate. This results in lower additional testing and costly and time consuming resource use in the health care community.

Our excitement and commitment are genuine. We have an extraordinary solution to the challenges that face the Medical Profession throughout the entire country.

The easy application, operation, improved accuracy, rapid EKG results, and improved speed and accuracy to obtain a 12 lead resting EKG over current/traditional EKG acquisition is definitely the solution moving forward!